Pack Mates Series by Lynn Tyler (comments)

Genre:  Male/Male Paranormal Romance

Format:  Series of noveles & short stories

Author: Lynn Tyler
Publisher: Samhain (Nov. 2015)
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

Pack Mates wolf-shifter series

The Pack Mates series include some of my favorite shifter romances. The initial scenes between Declan and Quinn in Pack Mates are among my most memorable recent reading sessions, and the climax of Wolf’s Tiger kept me on the edge of my seat.

Interestingly, the author was originally a writer of erotica, and I was originally a reader of erotica, and the initial heated scenes in the first book (Called to Mate) worked beautifully for me as an extremely emotional and cathartic moment where an Alpha wolf demonstrates care, protectiveness, and support for an abused Omega.  Readers of romances found the scene to move much too quickly, portraying unrealistic physical intimacy between a new/strange and powerful Alpha moving in on an Omega with a history of horrific abuse.  In other words, compared to erotica, this scene was slow-moving, careful, and came across as extremely comforting.  For romance readers, the scene was too jarring.

The author revised the work, stretching out the physical encounters so the intimacy evolved at a much more temperate pace.  I understand this makes sense from a story perspective, but I am still keeping my copy of the first edition, as that scene works so incredibly well as an emotional escape for me.

Also, the relationship building in Wolf’s Tiger (Pack Mates #3) worked incredibly well for me, vaulting it into my “favorites” list.

Series Information

Format: Series
Genres: Male/Male Romance
Paranormal Romance
Wolf Shifters
Wolfpack Dynamics

Title: Pack Mates
Author: Lynn Tyler



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