Be My Queen by RayeAnn Carter (review)

Be My Queen Book Cover

Title: Be My Queen
Author: RayeAnn Carter
Genre:  Transgender Romance
Format:  Novella (38k words /114 pages)
Sites: Publisher | Goodreads | Amazon

Publisher: Less Than Three Press  (April 2015)
ISBN: 978162045268

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

Tagline:  Handsome bi guy slings into town and sweeps transgendered heroine off her feet

This was a relatively simple, short, and extremely sweet novella regarding a handsome bisexual guy sliding into town and sweeping a young transgendered woman off her feet. It was a quick, nicely escapist, and rather straightforward contemporary romance.  Lavender, the heroine, displayed a nice combination of nervousness, excitement, and pragmatic (if perhaps a bit jaundiced) expectations.  Her struggles with issues related to her physical and mental health, including the safety of living with supportive friends which also exposed her to their tribulations, injected both some obstacles to overcome and at least a little bit of “realism” in the otherwise fairy tale feel of the romance. Diego was a bit of an over-the-top hero, but his “love at first sight” ridiculousness worked just fine in a nicely saccharine story.

Overall, I enjoyed this as a wonderful little “feel good” romance that has protagonists who could use more love and representation in fiction (as well as in non-fiction and real life visibility). It’s fantastic to have a transgendered heroine, which is clearly the draw of this piece, but I was also pleased to read a fun story with a fully realized (i.e. not confused or experimenting) bisexual character.


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