Mooreeffoc by Aleksina & Single (review)

Mooreeffoc Book Cover

Title: Mooreeffoc
Authors: Tetiana Aleksina & Tony Single
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
Format:  Short Story (19 pages)

SitesGoodreads | Amazon
Publisher: Kindle (March 2016)

Bonus: Kindle Unlimited title

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

Tagline:  Divine presence intrudes on a coffee house pick-up

While I normally focus on male/male romance, especially paranormal romance, Mooreeffoc (read it backwards if you’re confused) is a short story that centers on a possible male/female hookup with a supernatural bent.  The presence of divinities wrapped in the encounter makes this a nice little urban fantasy read.

This was a trippy short story replaying a pick-up at a coffee house from various perspectives, including the eyes of the two flirting mortals and the gods who haunt each one.   It’s an interesting journey into a comparative “point of view” escapade with a man, a woman, and several Egyptian gods all providing their own, somewhat snarky reactions to the encounter.  The contrasts between the characters are certainly interesting and the authors provide an interesting window into each personality, which is a noteworthy accomplishment in such a short piece. The ending is nicely surprising and entertaining, yielding an overall quick but enjoyable reading experience.


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