The Silence Between Moonbeams by S. Doughty (review)

Silence Between Moonbeams Book Cover
Title: The Silence Between Moonbeams
Author: Sarah Doughty

Genre:  Poetry
Format:  Chapbook of 50 poems and prose entries

SitesAuthor | Goodreads 

Publisher: Self Published (May 2016)

Bonus: Free online

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)

Tagline: Life – beautiful but not always easy – reflected from the depths of one’s eyes to the heights of the celestial sky
A chapbook of 50 poems and prose pieces, this compilation explores the difficulty and beauty of life.  The lure of the moon (and the depths beyond) is enticingly, evocatively, and sorrowfully explored by an author coping with Complex PTSD. Through the poetry and expression of the written word, Sarah Doughty’s feelings, struggles and yearnings find voice in each stanza and sentence. From the lure of another’s eyes to the infinity of the nighttime sky, each entry wraps as much emotion into as few words and succinct sentiments as possible.
The author carefully crafts stanzas that quickly and effectively evoke emotion in brief but captivating thoughts.  The ongoing imagery of the moon and its companions in the dark sky repeatedly evoke the pain and purpose of life and struggle. I am particularly fond of two themes that run through the work – the shine of another’s eyes and the gentle awe and sometimes comfort of the nocturnal sky. Woven into themes of life and struggle, these elements shape poems that draw me into their verse much further than usual (as I am only a very casual poetry fan).
A collection to read, breathe in, absorb, and simply immerse one’s self in feeling and thought.

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