Covetous by Pearl Love (review)

Tagline: Pissed off ex-lover asked what he would give to get his desires

7&7 Anthology Book Cover

Vice #4: Envy
Title: Covetous
Author: Pearl Love

Genre:   Horror / Torture Erotica
Format:  Short Story (26 pages)
Series: 7&7 Anthology

Publisher: DSP Publications (May 2016)

Bonus:   Free on publisher’s site

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)

DSP Publication’s anthology covers 7 virtues and 7 vices, and the theme of Pearl Love’s short story is the vice of envy.

Passed over for promotion by his ex-boyfriend, Jonathon is pissed off and upset about his lack of upward mobility, envious of those with more success.  Seeking solace in drink, dancing, and men, he pushes aside his pain and decides to indulge some wanton desires in the midst of his depression.  Finding himself in the middle of what he yearns for, he has to say what he is willing to give up to receive all he covets.

Overall, Jonathon really did not convey particularly excessive envy to me.  Yes, he seems to want higher status and possesses the drive for “more” then most and he clearly casts a yearning eye at the finer things earned by those around him.  But his relatively common level of greed catches the eye of terrific evil that sets out to lure, seduce, seize and torture him.  The increasingly brutal scenes are extremely graphic and horrific.  I don’t mind the explicit pain, but as a consequence of the “evil”of his greed, it seemed way over the top.

Fans of bloody, horrific torture kink will probably be the most appreciative of this story.

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