Make Me by Jessica Lee (review)

Tagline: Dominant Alpha & newly turned mate in quick but rather erotic short

Make Me Book Cover

KinKaid Wolf Pack #2
Title: Make Me
Author: Jessica Lee

Genre:  Paranormal Male/Male Erotica
Format:  Short Story (7.8k words)
Series: KinKaid Wolf Pack #2

Publisher: Self-Published (2nd Ed., Aug. 2012)
ISBN:  9781301465460

Retail: $0.99 (May 2016)

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)

 Heated, lightly BDSM-oriented (discipline) short male/male shifter erotica

While this is an older worker (2nd edition in 2012), it’s in the genre I prefer to review (paranormal/wolf shifter male/male romance) and part of a series that had a recent release (February 2016).

This second, brief installment in the KinKaid Wolf Pack series centers on events shortly after Evin’s assumption of a new position in the pack.  With political threats abounding, Mason must put to rest his past, learn about new dangers due to his mating, and ascertain just how much he is able (or wants) to resist the rough, commanding handling of a more dominant wolf.

There is a bit of a plot which advances the underlying story in the KinKaid Wolf Pack series, starting off with Evin’s assumption of a new position at the end of the first novella and setting up for future conflicts that unfold in the third novella.  However, the focus of this short story is certainly a long, heated, passionate and a tad kinky scene between two male wolves, one very dominant and the other figuring out how to respond to the strength of his partner.

Overall it was a nice, explicit (romantic erotica) shifter short story focused on a dominant and and just lightly BDSM/kinky (discipline and biting) male/male sexcapade.

Heat:  7/10. (Explicit, somewhat kinky – lightly Dominant and a bit of Domestic Discipline)  

Series information: The first two installments (the first novella and this follow-up short story) center on a male/male couple, while the third installment is a novella regarding a male/male/female potential menage. The first three titles have a general, underlying story regarding the pack. The fourth story is set in the same pack but otherwise has a standalone story covering a new male/male couple.





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