KinKaid Wolf Pack Trilogy by Jessica Lee (review)

Tagline: Series of wolf shifter romantic erotica (gay and bisexual)

KinKaid Wolf Pack Triology Book Cover

TitleKinKaid Wolf Pack Trilogy
Author: Jessica Lee

Genre:  Paranormal Erotic Gay and Bi (MMF) Romance
Format:  Series of 3 connected stories (107k words)
Series: KinKaid Wolf Pack #1-3

Sites: AuthorGoodreads | Amazon

Publisher: Self-Published (Sep. 2013)
ISBN: 9781301298655

Retail: $5.99

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)

 Wolf shifter twins’ sexuality (and heated encounters) collide with pack treachery 

Series: Originally released as three separate installments, this trilogy combines two stories (a novella and a short story) about a gay alpha heir and his beau followed by a third (novella-length) centered on his twin sister and her two best friends. (Individual parts detailed below.) A fourth installment in the same setting (but with a separate story) was published separately.

Synopsis: The story centers on threats, pack power struggles, and the personal lives of twin children of the alpha of the KinKaid pack. The first two installments focus on Evin, the gay alpha heir banished to a world where he meets a human he can’t resist. The last installment covers threats to the pack as well as the impending heat and need to mate of Rosa, Evin’s twin sister. She’s in love with two best friends and can’t choose between them.

Review: The three installments of this series contain plenty of heated scenes, and indeed the strength of the first two parts are the heated encounters between Evin and Mason. The third part, Rosa’s MMF story, has much more plot and more developed story telling.  While it delivers a bit fewer sizzling scenes, it still has several heated encounters between Rosa and her friends.

The work starts out with some formulaic and sometimes very thin writing, with decent story and character ideas that are not fleshed out but simply glossed over on the way to the more heated scenes, clearly the focus of the first two (m/m) stories. In the third installment, parts of the middle crank up the tension and read like they were written by an improved, more experienced and nuanced writer. In all of the books, the setting, plot, and character ideas were sound and much of the exposition weak, but  Rosa’s Heat Rising story had enough substance in the dialog and explored enough character and plot tension to make the build to the climatic scenes more substantive and interesting than the non-sexual portions of Evin and Mason’s stories.

Recommended for: Fans of erotic m/m and m/m/f wolf shifter heated eounters, who don’t mind if the supporting plot is a little weak. The underlying story of a shifter pack going through change extends through the trilogy (2 novellas and one short story) and had plenty of interesting elements, but the strength of this work (especially the first two installments) is clearly the erotic encounters, so I classify this as romantic erotica.

Heat: 7/10 – explicit, repeated (25-30%), some kink (variety of MM, including Domination; MMF)

Bloodlines Book Cover
Bloodlines – Free Novella (42k words, 192 pages), m/m
Evin, alpha heir to the KinKaid pack, is banished by his father when he refuses to mate a woman to cement a family and pack alliance. The gay shifter in exile encounters Mason, a human heir to a powerful family also rather outcast because of his sexuality. When the sparks begin to fly, the heated intimacy has great implications for both males’ families, health, and position.
Plenty of heat – (Full review)

Bloodlines Book Cover

Make Me– Short Story (8k words, 30 pages), m/m

The alpha and his mate face threats to the pack from outside, resulting in some fear and relief that leads to hot discipline from the dominant wolf.

“Yes, alpha!” sizzle –  (Full review)

Bloodlines Book Cover
Heat Rising – Novella (49k words, 180 pages), m/m/f
Rosa, twin sister of the KinKaid pack’s alpha, is on the cusp of going into “full heat” and therefore needs to choose a mate, but choosing one of the males she longs for would wound one of her best friends.  Kaleb learns his friends’ secrets and only is likely to spill his own when he’s had one too many.  Landry, the bisexual pack enforcer, knows his lineage and unrequited longings prevent him from pursuing his friends, but his resulting trips to the BDSM club have endangered the pack.
Some MMF menage steam-  (Full review)


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