Sins of a Wolf by Jessica Lee (review)

Tagline: Tough biker vet with PTSD bitten by a wolf

Sins of the Wolf Book Cover

TitleSins of a Wolf
Author: Jessica Lee

Genre:  Paranormal Shifter M/M Romance
Format:  Novella  (49k words)
Series: KinKaid Wolf Pack #4

Sites: AuthorGoodreads | Amazon

Publisher: Self-Published (Feb. 2016)

Retail: $2.99

Rating: 3.5 stars (out of 5)

Heat: 4/5 – sizzling – plenty explicit, repeated, and with just a touch of Top/bottom domination

Synopsis: Sin, a closeted special forces veteran biker, comes to the defense of a fellow gay man in a bar brawl and gets bitten in the process. Aydin, an enforcer with a troubled past still on probation with the alpha, knows he needs to make sure Sin’s transition to being a shifter does not expose his pack to the human world. The chemistry evident between the two tough gay men could be helpful.

Review: The writing and plot in this installment is much better than in the first two stories in the KinKaid Wolf Pack series. The heat, however, continues to sizzle with several steaming scenes between two very strong and aggressive males. As in the first two books, the sexual intimacy focused on a very masculine man and his strong partner, with a bit of rough and tumble but also straightforward heat between them.

Recommended for: Good for those who like a bit of tough man on man action and love, with one tough guy a bit more dominant than the other, in a wolf shifter setting. Unlike the first two books in the series, the plot and relationship building is present and explore in more than just a few quick sentences here and there. In terms of strength of story, this is more like the third book in the series, although this fourth installment is all male on male.

Comments / possible spoilers:
One dispppointing aspect is while both men are very tough, one becomes significantly more dominating and commanding over another who normally tops, but the slightly less aggressive man only bottoms in the story. However, the author does a better job than some writers in exploring male/male sex outside of just full-on intercourse (although intercourse is still clearly the ultimate physical connection between the two).

This one is on the verge for me  between Adult Romance and Romantic erotica.  There certainly is enough of a plot to have a coherent story beyond what is provided in basic erotica, and the story and relationship building has more foucs and development than just the sex scenes.  Still, the main reason to read this is probably the sizzle, although the story is strong enough to merit interest and attention.


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