How to Wish Upon a Star by Eli Easton (review)

Tagline: Research scientist frustrated by newly quickened “pup” looking for shelter…

How to Wish Upon A Star Book Cover

Cover art: Reese Dante

Title: How to Wish Upon a Star
Author: Eli Easton

Genre:  M/M Paranormal Shifter Romance
Format:  Novel (226 pages)
Series: Howl at the Moon #3

Sites: Author |  Goodreads | Amazon

Publisher: Pinkerton Road (May 2016)

Bonus: Kindle Unlimited

Retail: $4.99

Rating:   star1  star1 star1 star1  half-star  (4.5 stars – I loved it!)

 Dreamspinner’s 2016 Daily Dose anthology includes 30 romantic male/male shifter stories released one a day during the month of June.

Synopsis: Dr. Jason Kunik is  genetic scientist researching how his kind, the quickened, can change from being a normal dog and shift into a fully human form. As their existence is a secret, he must relocate to Mad Creek, a town in the Sierra foothills dominated by the quickened.  All he wants is to be left alone to conduct his research, but before he becomes too settled, the town settles Milo, a newly quickened hospice therapy dog, into his cabin.  The mix of an extremely intelligent but socially awkward scientist and a man recently emerged from being a comfort dog makes for difficult conversations.  After being uprooted from his former life, Milo simply wants to find the comfort and shelter of a true home, and living with the introverted, anti-social doctor might not be the best place for a lonely dog to be.

Review: I found the promise of the setting and characters of the first two books in this series explode into fulfillment in this installment. This book can be read as a standalone work, but it works even better as a third entry in the series.

Milo was a perfect foil for Jason’s understandable but often annoying scientific, intellectual, and analytical thoughts and habits.  The temperament and eagerness of the newly arrived man unaccustomed to the human ways played perfectly off of the scientist who was alienated from human society in his own way.   The plot took some unexpected turns which both fleshed out the setting and highlighted character traits and interactions in an endearing and creative manner.

I found this to be the most enticing and engrossing entry in a great series for paranormal male/male shifter romance readers who love dogs!

Recommended for fans of: Weredogs and dogs in general; geeks and scientists; first time/virginal/innocent characters; overcoming social awkwardness.

Heat: fire  fire – Milo’s emergence into a social and sexual consciousness was handled with finesse and a little humor, including a tasteful and nicely passionate first-time scene.
Passion: heart heart heart – The chemistry of the two seemed very real, but based more on trust, friendship, and building love rather than bursting passion.
Genre:  Adult Romance

Other Comments:

The contraposition between an overly analytical scientist and a naive and newly emerged dog was sometimes brilliant.  Asked how he went from a dog to become quickened, Milo provides a perfect answer that befuddles the genetic scientist looking for specific biological circumstances that might trigger a dormant gene to spontaneously activate –  “You make a wish upon a star.

Themes:  virgin (first time), geek, loyalty.

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